Gravel Data

Secure web-based solutions for the modern world

With strong expertise in IT-process management and IT-engineering, Gravel Data focuses on the development and implementation of mobile applications for Android and iOS. Gravel Data’s specialists aim at generating innovative mobile strategies for people engaged in the challenges of modern life.

Gravel Data’s team includes experienced professionals from different backgrounds such as information technology, engineering, consulting, life science, and others.

The Gravel Data team develops the Andoid time manager app heatsink – the first productivity tool that frees up time. heatsink is the first part of a software platform developed by Gravel Data. heatsink aims at improving performance and reducing stress in job and private life by organizing tasks efficiently. Thus, heatsink supports people to keep work life balance. How it works: heatsink prioritizes daily actions according to a user’s personal schedule and suggests what he can do next. Accordingly, heatsink uses time windows efficiently and frees up time for recreation or other things.For further information on heatsink, please visit